Jacobson Vellinga Design

Revent InternationalBrand Design & Communication, 2012 – 2017

Revent is a world leading manufacturer of commercial baking ovens, a typical B2B-segment haunted by convention and old school attitude. We created the concept ’IN BREAD WE TRUST’ to manifest Revent’s leading role in the baking industry, and as a platform for an unusual tone of voice. The year-long campaign has twisted famous proverbs around to fit Revent’s passion for bread, and as the communication reached the target audience it instantly set Revent apart from their competition. The comission is a joint venture working together with Copywriter Olle Nordell/Nordell&Nordell and Johan Johansson/Xlent Strategy.

Our parents told us we could become ‘anything’. Many of our friends went off to art school, medical school, became astronauts or possibly marine biologists. We fiddled with dough. As time went on, we baked and baked, one batch at a time. Got better at it. Started to realize things. How to stack bread on racks. And as our ideas grew bigger, so did our fame and success. Today, we are the leading manufacturer of baking ovens. World wide. The joy of strolling into a bakery in the morning, touching the dough before the light switch. Good stuff. We didn’t become anything. We became bakers. 

Print Ad. Julien Dubois / Baker Bretagne France  

Print Ad. Håkan Johansson / Baker Albert & Jack’s Stockholm Sweden 

Print Ad. Lilia N. Kornienko, General Director Volga Bakery, Russia  

Print Ad. Peter Yen, Baker Chicago USA  

A filmed series of interviews with top bakers from around the world. 

A new web platform with ’In Bread We Trust’ as epicenter. Revent.com 

The concept have been adapted to exhibitions and trade fairs in US, Europe, Asia and Russia. 

Exhibition Bags and Tshirts 

Smartphone app for anyone who seeks good bread.