Jacobson Vellinga Design

YoiBrand Design & Communication, 2012–2017

YOI is a brand new fast food chain, opening the first restaurant in Stockholm. There’s a few people who are pretty much fed up with the burger scene, and are looking for something healthier, fresher, tastier. But still quick as Usain. Or at least Yohan. So Yoi mixed the kitchens of Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand into a speedy Asian jambalaya with quick service but slow food qualities. The commission was to create a brand plattform identity, including brand name, visual identity, interior design, photography and communication. The commission is a joint venture working together with Copywriter Olle Nordell/Nordell&Nordell and Johan Johansson/Xlent Strategy. The assignement was rewarded with a Silver at Epica Awards, Graphic Design, 2012.

Be Yoi 

Yoi Front K25, Kungsgatan 25 Stockholm 

Yoi Front, Sveavägen 64 Stockholm 

Yoi Packaging 

Yoi Toolbox 

Yoi Image Bank 

Yoi Rules & Cashier 

Instructions: Fill carefully with air. Keep air inside with hand. Use other hand to smack very hard. Preferably behind someone’s back. Not in airplane. End of message. 

Yoi Story 

Yoi Seating 

You think I’m just a bowl. But think again. What do I hold? Exactly. You really can’t eat that out of your bare hands, huh. Hence... (drumroll)... your designated wok container at your service, s’il vous plaît. Bear THAT in mind this next time you call someone just a bowl. 

Yoi Image Bank 

Yoi Interior 

Poster Launch Campaign