Jacobson Vellinga Design

Mother StockholmBrand Identity 2016 (a Rietz project *)

Top chefs and restaurateurs Melker Andersson, Danyel Couet and Jonas Svensson of wellknown f12 Restaurant Group, approached us with an idea for a new restaurant. They had just gotten the lease for a large venue in a brand new building in downtown Stockholm. RIETZ came along as the partner in developing a concept based on the thought that a restaurant may care for your well-being even after your visit. The meals were to be all carefully composed to satisfy your body’s needs aswell as your taste. Gastronomy finally goes healthy. The commission was to create a brand plattform identity, including brand name, visual identity and communication. (* JVD is a partner of the new agency Rietz founded in spring 2015. Read more at www.rietz.se)